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10 Years+ Experiences in solar industry


Supply to More Than 10 Thousand Projects


Percentage of R&D Staff


5 Million 400 Thousand Tons Of Carbon Dioxide


And we design, engineer and assemble and supply the most competitive & high quality solar power system kits according to end customer’s specific power requirement no matter if it’s a 1KW off grid solar power system for homeowner, or a 150kw medidum size system for powering the agricultural irrigation system, or a 20kw for a community hospital etc. So the end customers can enjoy a TRULY power outage, noise, pollution FREE electricty for 20 years to come! We aim to help installers of various solar applications to save always 5-10% cost on their purchase of solar components thus to leave more margins for them. We can always satisfy no matter if it’s a supply of the most economical solar system for individuals with lower budgets, or NGOs with higher standard on materials.


There are still 600 million people worldwide that don’t have access to electricity, and over 1 billion people suffer from blackout once in a while. Giga Renewables was born with the permanent mission to change that, by providing clean, cheaper, no interrupted solar power to families, business, government organisations etc, one at a time!


Our team consists of a group of solar professionals with over 10 years experiences in business strategy& production management, engineering and technology, sales & marketing, most importantly sharing the same dream and passion! We manufacture high efficiency crystaline solar panels.

To Your Success in Solar,
Giga Renewables
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